A Constant Amidst Change

At OnceAndFutureFaith.org, we believe that a spirituality exists that is definitively human, one that has endured, still survives, and will persist without change in its eternal essence.

Through adherence to this timeless expression of human spirituality, we build wellbeing, gain understanding, learn lovingkindness, find purpose, develop creativity, and ultimately achieve self-actualization.

So we join our voices—and hope that you will, as well—to that eternal refrain of the chorus of humanity’s once and future faith.


Best World & Body

Spirituality starts from nature, for spirituality comes from within us, who are of and in nature. Spirituality therefore depends upon the wellbeing of nature around us and of our own bodies in nature. We can expand the domain and range of our spirituality by caring for nature and our own bodies, deepening our connection with nature, and working to improve—even transcend—our biophysical conditions and circumstances.

All That’s Good

Spirituality is not about giving up the good things in life but about enjoying them in their richest fullness. And these good things are: the consilience of a unified understanding of all the wonders of the inner and outer worlds, a compassionate lovingkindness and sympathetic joy shared with the entire human family, and the expression and actualization of one’s highest self.

Journey, Pilgrimage, Quest

Spirituality is not a discrete event but an ongoing journey, pilgrimage, and quest that lasts so long as we are alive, for life is a process. Spirituality therefore includes ritual observances of occasions, times, and seasons in our individual lives and in the world around us to help us find focus and purpose in each moment.